Sir William Turner's Hospital, Kirkleatham, Redcar

Bates & Son Pipe Organ (circa 1860). Restored by Peter Wood & Son 2008

The organ has one manual, 7 stops (Four 8ft., one 4ft., a 12th and a 15th) 24 permanent coupled pedals.

The Georgian chapel in the style of the Baroque Period

Sir William Turner's Hospital was founded in 1676 as almshouses for the poor but was almost entirely rebuilt in 1742. It has been occupied from that time until today.

The chamber organ, built by Bates & Son in London around 1860 is a rare instrument and one of the finest examples of its genre. It has been sympathetically restored by Peter Wood & Son. The case work and front pipes were redecorated to blend with the classical decor of the chapel.

Sir William Turner's Hospital, Kirkleatham, Redcar

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