St. Peter's Chuch, Stockton-on-Tees, UK

The illustrations are of the Westmorland Custom Organ at St. Peter's Church, Stockton on Tees, UK, Supplied by Makin Organs.

Westmorland Custom organs from Makin Church Organ Builders Organs enables the customer to choose everything from the number of manuals, stops, octave couplers, console type and even the exact samples to use. However, Makin Organs can easily build whatever size of instrument required with addtional stops typically costing just a few hundred pounds. These organs use the top of the range Westmorland Custom technology which includes MultiSamples where each note of each stop has an individual pipe sample taken from an English pipe organ.

Prices for all Westmorland custom instruments include voicing on-site with professor Ian Tracey from Liverpool Cathedral.

Using the latest technology Makin now have both live sampling and live reverberation. For example, they have now captured the actual reverberation from a number of famous buildings worldwide, including for example Liverpool Cathedral and the Lady chapel.
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