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St. Edmund's, south view, Sedgefield, Co. Durham



Photographs. South view, by Jonathan Clegg; others photographs by Nigel J. Clegg.


Information about the church organ can be found by visiting the NPOR (National Pipe Organ Register). Click here for details.


Right click here to download a performance of the Toccata from Charles-Marie Widor's 5th Symphony, played by Trevor Blease (with kind permission) on this organ.
The "save target as" on the drop down menu dialogue can be used to download onto the computer.

St. Edmund's, east view, Sedgefield, Co. Durham, UK

                             Jonathan at the console. Right click here to download a performance by him on this organ. Elegy: Thalben-Ball

organist at console

organ front

According to "A Brief History of St. Edmund's Church", cf. www.parishofupperskerne.org.uk/StE7.htm the organ, given by the rector Pickering in the early 18th century, is on the north side of the chancel. Its original home was on a western gallery. It was moved in 1840 to the north-west corner of the nave before returning to the chancel in 1914. The case and a very small amount of pipework are all that remain of the original instrument, details of which can be found in the NPOR. (Click here.)