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C.O. & C.A. member trying out the organ 2008

St. John's Church, Sharow, near Ripon, North Yorkshire

The church was built in 1825. In 1862 a "finger organ" was given to the church by Rev. G. Mason of Copt Hewick Hall. "Finger organ" was used to distinguish it from a barrel organ. Hundreds of the latter were built in the early 19th century when it was difficult to find organists for rural churches. The organ was installed in 1862. Improvements and enlargements were made in 1883, 1887 and 1899 by Abbott and Smith. The instrument here is a small two manual with Great 9 stops, Swell 4 stops and Pedal 1 stop. Members of the Association, with the kind help of the church warden, had a memorable visit on 21st. June, 2008.
More information about the church and its organ can be found on www.sharow.org.uk/st-johns-church/church-st-johns-welcome.html
More details about the organ can be found on the National Pipe Organ Register at http://npor.emma.cam.ac.uk/cgi-bin/Rsearch.cgi?Fn=Rsearch&rec_index=D03612